Contributions of the Critical Care Specialist

Inga Khachaturova pic
Inga Khachaturova

As an attending physician in critical care medicine at Orlando Health and its affiliate hospitals, Dr. Inga Khachaturova cares for seriously ill patients in various hospital units. Dr. Inga Khachaturova comes to her role following a critical care fellowship at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City.

A critical care physician, also known as an intensivist, oversees the care team for patients who are extremely ill. This professional must have an in-depth knowledge of life-threatening conditions as well as a comprehensive awareness of issues that may become relevant in intensive hospital care. Familiarity with life support techniques and technology is necessary, as is a working familiarity with the ethics of end-of-life care and the counseling of patient families.

Since the development of critical care as a specialty, professionals in this field have contributed positively to both patient outcome and hospital efficiency. Research shows that the presence of a full-time critical care physician can reduce errors in care, shorten inpatient stays, and reduce fatality rates. This increase in effectiveness may also reduce costs for hospitals, thus making the intensivist a crucial member to the medical team on multiple levels.