A Brief History of Claude Monet

Claude Monet pic
Claude Monet
Image: biography.com

As attending physician in the ER and ICU at all six Orlando Health Hospitals, Dr. Inga Khachaturova manages the care of critical patients. In her free time, Inga Khachaturova enjoys painting and has studied art history. She appreciates impressionist art, and her favorite impressionist painter is Claude Monet.

Born in Paris in 1840 to a merchant father, Claude Monet spent much of his childhood in Le Havre. Despite his father’s desire for him to become a grocer, Monet maintained a strong passion for art. As a youth, he gained recognition in Le Havre for his charcoal impressionist works, which provided him with some income. In 1859, Monet became a student in Paris at the Académie Suisse, then served briefly as a conscript in Algeria from 1860 to 1862. After being released from his conscription service, he again returned Paris where met a number of well-known artists including Whistler, Manet, and Renoir.

Over the next several years, Monet began building his reputation as an impressionist painter. He worked from nature, as did many impressionist painters, and was particularly skilled at reflecting the impact of weather and light on his subjects. Following the death of his wife, Camille Doncieux, in 1879, he began traveling throughout France and painting various landscape scenes. His reputation as one of the best impressionist painters continued to grow, and he was able to earn a good living from his work. After World War I, Monet began to lose his eyesight, but he continued to paint throughout his life until he died of lung cancer in 1926.


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